Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Post Christmas morning unwrapping mess!
It was a great Christmas for us this year. It was our first time in 14 years of marriage to be with just our own family. It was nice to stay in Pj's all day and play and build. We were able to make some new traditions and m

Keaton was wiped out after all of the unwrapping, building, playing, trying on clothes, games and food!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Gingerbread Houses! It's Christmas time and you need to have gingerbread houses out. The kids had a great time constructing and decorating their houses. I think this will turn into an annual tradition in our house. It needs alittle adjusting for next year though. Good Times!
It Snowed In Danville After 30 Years!
Of course it snowed the one day Jeff is on a business trip. He missed it. It may be another 30 years. I woke up at 4 in the morning because i hear heavy rain or something and it was snowing. I woke Cameron up(scared her to death) and we had to go out side in it before it melted away. Luckily it was still there when the kids woke up for school. They even had a little left to play with when they got home from school. It was a fun day in Danville. Can't wait for it in another 30 years if I am still around.

Graham's Baptism!
Graham was Baptised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints this November 2009. He was very proud to do this. He is a great example to us of choosing the right and serving others. He is a great example to his friends around him too. He is a very special spirit in our home and we are so blessed he is with us today. We are proud of you Graham!

Santa Santa Santa
The only one who would sit on Santa's lap. Little miss sunshine. She is all about telling Santa what she wants for Christmas. When the kids did there Christmas list's each fit on a page. Not Brinley! Her list was 4 pages long and could probably have kept going if grandpa's hand wasn't tired of writing :)

Trick or Treating! We had three little fairies this year and a Jango Fhett. Graham (8) lasted about a block and was back to play Wii or DS. Jalen (6) lasted about a block and a half and wanted to just hand out the candy. Brinley (5) and Keaton (2) lasted for about 4-5 blocks. They figured out the more houses the MORE CANDY! They are our sweet tooth girls!

We painted our pumpkins this year. The kids loved it. It was easier because there were no sharp objects or pouting because when we cut in the wrong place and they could all do it on there own. They painted there hearts out and had such creativity. The kids were very proud to show there pumpkins to anyone and everyone that came by over the holiday. Much detail and stories where told about this special Halloween activity. That was really spontaneous because Jeff and I didn't feel like carving pumpkins.